Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2012
From December 1st, to the 6th, the Prior, Br. Joseph, Br. Justin and Br. Matthew attended a series of conferences at the Abbey of the Genesee.  On Dec. 12th, the Prior went to New York City for the Oblates Meeting and stayed until Sunday to celebrate a memorial mass for Fr. Martin at a Mercy Convent.  Many Sisters and lay people who know the monastery were present.  The Christmas festivities began with the first Vespers and the blessing of the Creche.  The Christmas Day dinner was shared with all our guests.  On the feast of the Holy Innocents, we have the tradition of singing Christmas carols. Clare Smock and some friends came to accompany the singing.  The construction of the link between the main buildings and the chapel is progressing slowly.  The donations at this time of the year will go toward the cost of that project (almost $200,000).  We will mail our Christmas Chronicle at the beginning of  January.  You can see the internet edition.
Mount Saviour Creche 2012
Happy New Year

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