Mount Saviour Monastery

October 2012
On October 5th, the annual workshop, Emmaus Gathering dealt with the theme: Stories of Resurrection: Humanity Coming Alive.  Presentations and discussions helped the participants in their search for a deeper involvment  as Christians.  At the same time, our fields were used by 70 Border Collies that competed during a dog trial.  Though our sheep were moved ably through the fields by those clever dogs, our wild sheep proved quite a challenge.  Fr. Philip, a Cistercian monk from Vietnam was recalled by his abbot to take charge of a new foundation.  On the same day, Oct. 12th, Fr. Martin returned to the monastery after 13 months in the hospital.   After a fall from bed, he returned to the hospital five days later.  He has a good attitude in spite of his failing health.  On Oct. 15th, three monks: Prior Joseph Gabriel, Br. Francis and Br. Pierre joined three monks from Christ in the Desert: Abbot Philip, Fr. Christian and Br. Caedmon to publicise a new CD of Gregorian Chant on the TODAY Show.  You can see the 4 minutes video.
    Br. Gabriel was away for three weeks to attend a wedding and visit relatives and friends and returnedd on time for his 80th bithday. "Ad multos annos!"
Dog trial at Mount Saviour

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