Mount Saviour Monastery

August 2012
Mount Saviour Chapel
The community had a summer outing on the Calderone's property.  Dr. Calderone treats many monks during the year and his wife prepared delicious Italian dishes on this occasion.  Our patronal feast, the Transfiguration on Aug. 6th, is a reminder that "It is good to be here." as the three apostles experienced in the presence of the Lord.  Our D-Day was celebrated on Aug. 12th with friends who shared a brunch after mass and enjoyed a music recital with Clare Smock and friends.  Two observers spent some time with us to discern their vocation and know more about our life style.  Monastic life is often thought of as a Medieval Institution and it is important to show that it is relevant in our days as a "school of the Lord's service" where we learn more about God and ourselves in a group that shares lasting values.

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