Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2012
The 4th of July is always celebrated with an outdoor picnic .  Guests and some neighbors join the monks for the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers: our vegetarians could find suitable food also.  While Sr. Camille D'Arienzo was here for her retreat, she gave us a talk on the the situation pertaining to the LCWR.  On July 14th, Abbot Hugh Anderson, president of the American-Cassinese Congregation officiated at the installation of Fr. Joseph Gabriel Cusimano, monk of Christ in the Desert, as Prior Administrator for a period of 3 years.
Mount Saviour Community 2012
First row: Br. Stephen, Fr. James, Abbot Hugh Anderson, Prior Joseph Gabriel, Br. Francis
2nd. row: Br. Joseph, Br. Ceadmon, Br. Antonio, Br. Pierre, Br.Gabriel
Last row: Br. Dominic-Savio, Br. Randy, Br. John, Br. Justin, Fr. Patrick Mundy, Br. Bruno
On July 26, Br. Caedmon who spent 10 months with us returned to his monastery, Christ in the Desert.  In the afternoon. a tornado hit our area.  The worst damage began 3 miles from us, in Golden Glow through Elmira.  St. Joseph's Hospital, where Fr. Martin resides, lost their power for 24 hours.  We had no power for 4 days; our generator supplied enough power for the lights and the refrigerators of the main building.  Many trees broke but the damage to the buildings was minimal.  The worst was to a 70 foot-long canopy between the dining room and the chapel.  It landed upside down against the chapel.  We plan to replace it with a permanent structure.  On July 30th, the power came back on in time to celebrate the 85th birthday of Br. Stephen
Damage by the tornado (July 2012)
Coming Events:
Emmaus Gathering: Oct. 5-8. 2012.  Stories of resurrection: Humanity Coming Alive.
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