Mount Saviour Monastery

March 2012
Fr. Martin celebrated his 88th birthday on March 9th.  We had planned a celebration at the monastery for him but he was too weak to leave the Skilled Nursing Care Unit.  Later, he was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection.  On the feast of St. Patrick, Br. Joseph, a monk in simple vows from Christ in the Desert, arrived to discern a possible transfer among us.  We had a special recreation for Fr. Patrick Mundy, a retired priest in residence who shares the priestly functions with Fr. James.  Fr. Philip, a Cistercian monk from Vietnam "on loan" for 2 years arrived with Fr. Peter Dat.  On the fourth Sunday of Lent, we went to Grace Episcopal Church to sing Vespers, share a meal with the congregation and end the day with Compline.  On March 21st., we celebrated the traditional feast of St. Benedict.  (The picture shows a painting by the late Fr. Alexis Foyo, osb.)  The weather was very mild and the grass gave plenty of fresh food to the sheep.  Unfortunately, a coyote killed an old ewe, the first victim of the year.  Our donkey gave birth to a lively female baby.  We are expecting the first lambs around the 15th of April.

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Coming Events:
Damasus Memorial Lecture: May 6th at 10:30 a.m. with guest speaker, Edward Hahnenberg.

Dedication Day: Aug. 12th, Mass at 10 :00 a.m. followed by a brunch and musical entertainment.