Mount Saviour Monastery

January 2012
We celebrated many feasts during the month of January.  The Christmas festivities winded down but the festive mood remain longer in the monastery.  The Christmas decorations are removed only after the Epiphany Day.  On January 13th, Thomas Hostomsky was received as a postulant and took the name, Br. Sebastian.  For the long week-end, a knitters' retreat was scheduled for a large group of women who shared their spirituality and their skills.  On Sunday, the monks joined them for a meal and good conversations.  On Jan.25th, Br. Gabriel attended the funeral mass of Sr. Marie Julianne Farrington, former general of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur.  Many years ago, her community rented St. James' guest house and the Annex for the sisters and their students to spend days of prayer.  After she retired from her leadership, she spent some time at the monastery to classify the writings of Fr. Damasus.  At the end of the month, Fr. Martin was moved to the ICU of St. Joseph's Hospital to treat his pneumonia.
Oil painting by Br. Luke Pape

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