Mount Saviour Monastery
February 2011


The winter was rather mild until this month when we saw two snowstorms that dumped 8 inches of snow each time. The feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Febr.2nd.) had the lowest attendance in years due to the weather. Three vocational candidates visited during the month. On Febr. 22nd. Madeleva Roarke, who had charge of St. Gertrude's guest house died 12 years ago. Our Br. William Uiting died unexpectedly on the same date after spending a pleasant day with other residents at the Skilled Nursing Facility of St. Joseph's Hospital. A funeral mass was celebrated on Saturday, Febr. 26th. The burial will take place in May.
Br. William Uiting

Monk of Mount Saviour Monastery 


Born: Sept. 30, 1940

Professed: Sept. 14, 1998

Died: Feb. 22, 2011 


A good and sincere man. A gentle and humble man. Someone who would never speak ill of anyone. Social, enjoyed conversation. Firm in his faith and firm too in his political beliefs. He admired Dorothy Day, Wendell Barry, Jacques Maritain, Daniel BerriganJohann Christoph Arnold. Social justice issues were important to him. A Catholic Worker in heart and spirit. A well loved uncle. A runny nose. A lover of music, including disco. An interest in cars and weather conditions. He fretted about having big feet. A Masters Degree in history. Taught at a Junior High and High School. A retail buyer, department manager and floor supervisor for Jacobsonís in Jackson Mich. for 21 years. Who loved geography and traveling and to recount his travels, especially the restaurants! An affair with food. Mutton and liver were out. Everything else however was fair game. A prodigious appetite whose calories were quickly expended by worry and walking and then walking some more, arms swinging wildly. Walking five miles every day until one day his legs would no longer carry him up our hill.

A late vocation who at age 57 came to Mount Saviour seeking God and more structure in his life. Who in his own words found that at Mount Saviour: ďI have lost the feeling of loneliness that I have experienced most of my life. I feel more content, joyful and at peace than I have ever been in my life. Perhaps these feelings are caused by a sense of really belonging to a community. I feel great comfort in prayer, either private or communal despite {underlined} endless distractions. I feel Godís presence more in my life than I have ever experienced. I feel that I am beginning to realize what a wonderful gift that the psalms are from the Holy Spirit. I feel more joy in my work than ever in my life. I am experiencing a greater appreciation (because of Godís grace) of Godís generous and precious gifts.Ē

Br. William was Godís generous and precious gift to Mount Saviour.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Br. William passed away unexpectedly but peacefully at the Skilled Nursing Facility of St. Josephís hospital in ElmiraNew York where he had spent the last six months, from complications of Parkinsonís disease. For the repose of his soul each priest of our community will offer three Masses. In the other houses of our congregation he is recommended to the usual suffrages for deceased confreres. Please remember Br. William in your prayers.

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