KnittersMount Saviour Monastery

January 2011
We continued our Christmas celebrations with high tea prepared by Maureen Cadley at St. Gertrude's guest house on January 2nd.  We were spared from the storms that dumped tons of snow on the east coast.  The knitters' retreat, on the week-end of Jan. 14th, brought a group of men and women who shared their talents and knowledge with various crafts.  On Sunday, the monks joined them in the guest house for a festive meal prepared by Penny Allen.  They already planned the menu for their next retreat.  On Jan. 17th, Br. Antonio Bravo, monk of Christ in the Desert, arrived to help us with his talents for a long visit.  Two Vietnamese monks are in the process of getting their immigration papers and should be with us as soon as the visas are approved.

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