Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2010
Mount Saviour Monastery (Water line repair)
On July 7th, heavy machinery began to dig to replace the 1,600 feet of the main water line.  For more than 2 weeks, the place was less quiet while truckloads of sand and materials were dumped for the operation.  During this commotion, we found a leak on the main road coming from the water line that supplies the casas.  We were fortunate to depend on a small well with less pressure while the water supply is being fixed.  By the end of the month, the electric wiring remains to be done.  On July 10th, Br. Bruno was able make hay; usually, we need 50 large "loaves" of hay (about 2.5 tons each) to feed the sheep during the winter.  On July 20th, we learnt that Br. William will have to remain in the skilled nursing unit of St. Joseph's Hospital to cope with his Parkinson's disease.  This month, our guests were very helpful to wash the dishes by hand while we were waiting for a new dish washer.  The layout of the kitchen allowed us to surround the sink and make the best of the situation.  On July 25th, Fr. Martin was the main celebrant for his 50th anniversary of ordination.  Recently, he had back surgery that reduced the back pains. 

Coming Events:
Dedication Day:
Aug. 15th, Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a brunch and musical entertainment.

Emmaus Experience IX: From Friday, Oct. 8th through Monday, Oct. 11th. focusing on Biblical texts that points to radically transformative meanings of discipleship, church and creation.  The facilitators will be Tony Bartlett, Ann  and John Hisle.

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