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April 2010
The month began with the arrival of many guests for the celebration of the Easter Triduum.  The Easter Vigil at 5:00 a.m. is a simple service full of meaning and rich in symbols.  The readings give a the story of salvation from creation to the resurrection.  For more than 2 hours, the people are learning and praying with songs and gestures that are a memorable experience of the presence of God.  The crowd is invited in the refectory for a light breakfast on this happy occasion.
We sent our Dedication Day Letter to the printer to inform our friends about the latest news and to present the various projects for the coming months.  You can read it on line.
The farm work is intense with the lambing and its preparation.  The ewes began to "perform" on April 16th and at the end of the month, 200 lambs were added to the flock with a few more ewes expecting.  The coyotes stayed away so far but a bald eagle hovers over the field at times. Visitors with children come to see the lambs and the barn looks like a pet zoo at times.  We have a llama and six donkeys to guard the sheep.  We are ready to sell a 7 month old male donkey for $100.00 and a 5 year old male donkey for $200.00

Coming Events:
Dedication Day:
Aug. 15th, Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a brunch and musical entertainment.

Emmaus Experience IX: From Friday, Oct. 8th through Monday, Oct. 11th. focusing on Biblical texts that points to radically transformative meanings of discipleship, church and creation.  The facilitators will be Tony Bartlett, Ann  and John Hisle.

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