Mount Saviour Monastery

February 2010
Winter at Mount Saviour
On February 5th, Fr. James Cronen attended the annual meeting of Abbots and Priors at the monastery of Prince of Peace in California.  It is an occasion to share concerns and hear lectures pertaining to our monastic life.  On shrove Tuesday, we reminisced the events of 10 years ago by means of video tapes.  It was a form of relaxation before the Lenten season.  Fr. Martin returned after a long absence and is now one of the three  residents in the infirmary.  On the 25th, we got our first real snow storm of the winter.  In all, we had less snow than the large cities of the east coast.  The Friends of Mount Saviour have arranged a series of lectures during Lent.   They began on the 28th with a discussion after watching part of a conference (on video) by Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams: "Shaping Holy Lives: Benedictine Spirituality in the Contemporary World".

Coming Events: Lecture Series at 10:30 a.m.
March 7th: "Listening to God and One Another" by Ms. Giovina Caroscio.
March 14th: "Conversion of LIfe, Work and Prayer" by Sr. Donald Corcoran.
March 21st.: "Stability and Study" by Fr. James Cronen.
March 28th: "Hospitality and Compassion" by Fr. Martin Boler.

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