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January 2010
On the first Sunday of the year, the community was invited to have high tea at St. Gertrude's guest house.  Maureen Cadley had prepared some special foods for the occasion according to British tradition.  Our Toyota Camry needed some repair not necessarily for the recall but because it was "hit by a deer".
    During the Christmas recess, Br. Thomas was back in the monastery and returned on the 10th  to continue his studies  at St. Vincent, Latrobe PA.   Our  water pipe broke again, this month, at  a spot that had been dug before.  Fortunately, the repair was done quickly.  On the week-end of the 15th, the annual knitters' retreat attracted a large group of  people who share their spiritual and material insights about that age-old craft.  At the end of January, the community returned to a small refectory for our meals in order to save on fuel.  During the cold months, the uncertainty of the weather conditions is one of the reasons that reduce the number of guests.

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