St. Peter

Mount Saviour Monastery

June 2009

The month of June has 2 main solemnities that are dear to monasteries: Sts. Peter and Paul on the 29th and St. John the Baptist on the 24th.  We are fortunate to have two important representations in the triptych of the crypt.  St. Peter, holding a key and the Bible on one side and St. John the Baptist holding a lamb heralding the Lamb of God.

St. John the Baptist
Fr. Dale Launderville
from St. John's Abbey, Collegeville MN, gave the community retreal from the 6th to the 9th of June.  At the end of the month, Fr. Placid from Belmont Abbey visited for a couple days as he traveled from a meeting of heads of Benedictine colleges in Manchester NH.  Our sheep were challenged by predators (coyotes) that are sneaky enough to avoid traps and hunters and our guarding animals.  The weather is not favorable for harvesting.  The cooler temperature and the rain may please some people and make others anxious about the crops.
We are now able to receive donations or payments online with a secure site.  You can fill out the form and we will ackowledge by mail or e-mail.

Donkeys for Sale:
We have 6 donkeys that were raised with sheep.  If they are together, they tend to socialize and are not so alert. We have a 10 month-old male for sale at $100.00 and a 4 years-old at $200.00.  If papers are needed, they will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Coming Events:
Sunday, Aug. 16th. Dedication Day with Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a brunch and music.

Emmaus Experience: October 9-12. Discipleship and the New  Creation with presenters: Tony Bartlett, Hans Van den Blink and Kathleen Kern.
Click on brochure for details and registration page for a detailed schedule.

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