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January 2009

Peaceable Kingdom by Helen Siegl
The Peaceable Kingdom by Helen Siegl
Br. William
spent the Christmas Holidays at the hospital and in a nursing care facility to deal with his Parkinson's Disease and for related complications.  He is learning how to cope with his handicap and look forward to his return.  At the beginning of the month our three octogenarians caught a nasty virus that upset their stomachs badly.  Others had a mild version of the infection.  For the week-end of Jan. 16th, the Knitters' Retreat brought a large group to share spiritual thoughts and technical skills.  They invited the monks for the Sunday dinner.  We watched the inauguration ceremony of the new president and witnessed a memorable piece of history.  On Jan. 26th. our friend and neighbor, Helen Siegl died after a long illness.  She never forgot the birthday of each monk and would provide a box of Austrian pastry for the occasion.  At Easter, she decorated an Easter egg for each monk with his name.  Her talents and her love for all creatures will be remembered for years .

Coming Events:
Damasus Winzen Memorial Lecture – the 7th annual lecture series will be given by Sister Judith Kubicki on Sunday May 3rd.

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