Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2008
Mount Saviour Creche 2008
In December we saw more snow than usual.  Br. Bruno delivered the last two loads of lambs and did some shopping to replace one of  our two aging cars (a 1992 Buick or a Toyota with 190,000 miles.)  We agreed on a Toyota Matrix AWD to cope with our hills on snowy days.  Our guests used to meet our white cat, Lulu; she gave up her last breath after roaming around here for 20 years.  On December 9th, Fr. Martin went Weston Priory for their Canonical Visitation.  His return was delayed by a storm on the east coast.  A few days later, one of their monks, Br. Philip died after a long illness.  On the 17th, Fr. Martin went to New York City for the Oblate meeting.  On the 19th, Br. William was hospitalized to deal with his Parkinson's disease.  On Christmas eve, a large crowd attended the first Vespers of Christmas followed by the blessing of the Crèche.  Br. Stephen designed a scenery with the bare minimum.  Some can interpret this as the signs of the time with a small community and a financial crisis around the world..  Christmas Day was celebrated with a dinner for all the guests and the community.  The following days are feastdays for Br. Stephen, Br. John and Br. David..  One night is reserved for the singing of Christmas Carols.

Mount Saviour ,Dec. 2008

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