Bart and CatMount Saviour Monastery

October 2008
Since the early days of the monastery, hospitality has been a feature of Mount Saviour.  We received manyof men and women who needed rest and quiet time to reflect and regain spiritual energy to cope with the challenge of daily life.  Recently, we were surprised to find our Border Collie extending hospitality to an unknown cat.  We saw him sharing his dog house with a yellow cat.  It gives us hope for nations to live in peace.  If two unlikely creatures can be so friendly, reasonable rulers should be able to drop theirs arms (weapons) and embrace in friendship.
The month of October was very colorful and pleasant for large groups of guest.  The Emmaus group had their annual meeting on the week-end of Oct. 10.  Some discussions were held outdoor while the weather was ideal.  On Oct. 17th, the Prayer Shawl group had a retreat to share ideas and techniques for this special type of works of mercy.  Joe Manzi brings a large group of men, twice a year, to pray with us and learn from each other on their journey to God.
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