Mount Saviour Monastery

September, 2008
The New York Oblates had their annual retreat here on the second week-end of Sept. 2008.  Many Oblates from the Elmira area joined them  for various activities. Fr. James Cronen left  for Rome to attend the meeting of the Benedictine Abbots of the world.  It was his first long trip in many years and was able to cope with the hectic pace of the airports.  He was grateful for the Italian hospitality to facilitate his whereabouts in spite of his arthritis.  The farm team received help for the annual inspection of the flock. Every sheep is checked from head to toe and color coded in preparation of the breeding season.  An extensive pedicure is performed on that occasion.   Fr. Patrick Mundy from the diocese of Ogdensburg, had by-pass surgery and is recuperating quickly and will help us with his priestly ministry.  The apple crop is plentiful but the quality was at the mercy of the hail storm in July.

Coming Events:
Sixth Annual Retreat for Knitters:  January 16-19
Spend Friday night through Monday lunch in the beautiful rhythm of Daily Offices, praying and chanting the psalms and canticles with the monks.  Roam the hills.  Find your own quiet place.  Visit the sheep.  Enjoy a hands-on wool session.  For questions, contact:

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