Mount Saviour Monastery

August 2008
Elissa Quinn & Marcos KriegerWe celebrated our patronal feast, the Transfiguration, Aug. 6th, as a liturgical highlight for us.  On Aug. 10th, Elissa Quinn who has helped at the ladies' guest house during the summer, gave us a recital.  She sang a variety of songs in French, English and Italian and was accompanied by Marcos Krieger.  The month of August is the time to wean our lambs and select the replacements and separate the males from the females.  Our female donkey gave birth to a male foal that attracts many visitors.  On Aug. 17th, a large crowd came for the Dedication Day.  A brunch and a piano recital by Fritz Orzelek followed the mass.  At the end of the month, Fr. Martin fell outside and fractured the pelvic bone.  Not much can be done about it  at this time and he can move around with pain until it heals on its own.

Coming Events:

Emmaus Experience VII: Friday, Oct. 10-13
"What will you do for the least of mine".  You are invited to explore Jesus' question together and to allow the Spirit of Jesus to lead us to life-giving responses in our lives and in the world.  For more information, contact Pat or Peter Ladley:

Sixth Annual Retreat for Knitters:  January 16-19
Spend Friday night through Monday lunch in the beautiful rhythm of Daily Offices, praying and chanting the psalms and canticles with the monks.  Roam the hills.  Find your own quiet place.  Visit the sheep.  Enjoy a hands-on wool session.  For questions, contact:

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