Hail stormMount Saviour Monastery

July 2008
The 4th of July was celebrated with a picnic in the Rose Garden in the company of our guests.  The next day, Fr. James Cronen and Br. Thomas drove to New Jersey for the funeral of Robert Cronen.  Fr. Martin went to New York City for a special oblate meeting.  Br. Bruno began haying on July 10th under difficult weather conditions.  We used to celebrate the solemnity of St. Benedict in March but because of an early Easter, it was postponed  until July 11th.   The monastery welcomes visiting monks  who need  a change of pace or want to experience a different life style.  Fr. James Kiltzer from Assumption Abbey , North Dakota  spent 10 days with us.  On July 17th, we were surprised with a hail storm that damaged the orchard and the garden.  The picture shows a view in the cloister with an accumulation of ice that came from the roof.  Br. Pierre went to Canada for his annual family reunion on the last week-end of the month.  Jay Thornton was received as a postulant on July 27th.

Coming Events:
Dedication Day: Aug. 17th with Mass at 10:00 followed by a brunch and music.

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