Mount Saviour Monastery

May 2008

Theresa Gilbride, Br. Thoma, John Mercer
The months of April and May seem to bring the focus on the sheep.  The lambing season ended after 145 ewes gave birth to 265 lambs.  Some trappers came to confront predators at the beginning of the season and we were spared from any damage  We have to vaccinate the lambs twice during the month of May and we had the help of guests and friends.  The picture was taken during the shearing day.  Theresa Gilbride has been coming with her family for many years for the shearing.  Nearly 50 guests and helpers were here to help in various ways.  Br. Thomas and an observer, John Mercer, took turns to bring the sheep to the shearer.
We mailed our Dedication Day Letter containing news since the publication of our last Chronicle.  Fr. Kevin Seasoltz, Benedictine monk from Collegeville gave a lecture on May 4th on Worship and Law.  He shared his perspectives as a lawyer and teacher on a topic that is at the heart of monastic life.

Coming Events:
Dedication Day: Aug. 17th with Mass at 10:00 followed by a brunch and music.

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