Mount Saviour Monastery

April 2008

Sheep at Mount Saviour
With Easter in March, this month was mostly busy with the lambing and the first newborn on April 13th.  It is an attraction for many families and groups to make contact with the monastery.  The weather was very favorable and the predators stayed away from the premises.  By the end of the month, 200 lambs were born with a few more to come.  The pope's visit to the United States was seen by some monks thanks to our recording devices.  Some of us were able to watch the highlights of a memorable visit.  It was unfortunate to hear the same commentaries during that week instead of letting the viewers enjoy the music and the atmosphere of the events.  We sent our annual Dedication Day Letter to the printer to be mailed in May.

Coming Events:
Shearing day:
May 24th.  Mass will be combined with Lauds at 7:00 a.m.
Dedication Day: Aug. 17th with Mass at 10:00 followed by a brunch and music.

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