Mount Saviour Monastery

March 2008
Ice Storm

Our trees were decorated by an ice storm.  The sun was shining and the trees were sparkling with ice on top of the branches.  Unfortunately, there was a price for that beauty.  More than 10,000 homes lost their electricity.  Our small generator gave us a minimum supply of power for almost 3 full days.  Now we understand better the countries that are ravaged by war.  So much depends on electricity even in a monastery that tries to be self-sufficient.  
Fr. Daley, sjFr. Brian Daley, s.j. from Notre Dame University gave us our annual retreat dealing with some of the Fathers of the Church.  On Sunday, March 9th, he gave a lecture to the Friends of the Monastery.  The crowd appreciated his expertise on authors that are not familiar to the faithful.

Coming Events:
is planned around April 15th.  It lasts about 3 weeks.

6th Annual Damasus Winzen Memorial Lecture by Fr. Kevin Seasoltz, osb, editor of Worship.
Topic: Worship and Law. May 4th at 4 p.m. followed by Vespers and refreshments.

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