Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2007

Creche by Br. Roger Proulx

The crèche was designed by our postulant, Br. Roger Proulx.  It contains many reminders to be grateful during the year.  The year began with a mild winter that allowed a surplus of hay and healthier animals.  There was less pressure at harvest time because of a good reserve.  Lambing time was easier for the ewes and the shepherds with very few casualties at birth.  Our llama, which belong to the family of camels, was sharp on many occasions to alert the sheep of the presence of a predator.  The donkeys gave chase to coyotes on many occasions; but there was a period when an astute coyote was able to attack some lambs in July and August.  A trapper was able to put an end to the carnage.  The magi are shown on top of rocks.  We began to benefit from  a gas well that was dug on the neighbor's property.  In New York State, when a well is productive,  a number of acres around the site are eligible to receive royalties.  This monthly income and the generosity of our friends after our annual appeal enabled us to pay for the replacement of our 2 boilers.
During this month, we received many encouraging messages from those who have been renewed by their contact with the monastery.  Our life of faith and prayer is far from what they are accustomed to see at the malls.  Finding beauty in simplicity is not what TV ads promote.
We mailed our Christmas Chronicle containing news and reflections 

Happy New Year

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