Mount Saviour Monastery

November 2007

    The Friends of Mount Saviour have arranged a series of meetings with the theme: Encountering God.  They use as a main source a book by Albert Nolan: Jesus Today.  On Nov. 11th, Anthony Bartlett was the main speaker who spoke on The Signs of our Times.  On Nov. 18th, Dr. John Boler dealt with Jesus' Spirituality.  On Dec. 2nd., Fr. William Sneck, sj is to speak on Personal Transformation.  The series will conclude with Fr. Martin Boler, osb on the topic of Jesus and the Experience of Oneness.
We had a large crowd to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with us.  We are grateful for the many volunteers and friends who share their talents and expertise to support our community in so many ways.  Be assured of our spiritual support.

Thanksgiving Day

Fifth Annual Weekend Retreat for Knitters: Jan. 18-21, 2008
Holy in the World: retreat, recharge, renew, reflect and knit with others.
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