Abbot Gregory Polan

Mount Saviour Monastery

January 2007

On January 3rd., Abbot Gregory Polan from Conception Abbey conducted our annual retreat.  He made us reflect on some of the 350 questions that come from God or Jesus in the Bible.  Those questions are from a good teacher, seeking us out.  When we embrace our weaknesses, we allow God to touch us and bestow his grace.  Discipleship is to walk in Christ's steps.  To forgive is to participate in God's love.  Union with God allows us to see ouselves in a different light.  Those are some of the key lines that he developed.
Br. James Cronen attended the funeral of his brother Richard on January 3rd..  Br. Thomas accompanied him for the trip.  We ended the celebration of the Epiphany with a supper at St. Gertrude's guest house with some treats by Maureen Cadley that you find mostly in England.    The Following week, Penny Allen organized an other successful retreat for knitters.  Br. Pierre gave an account of life of the sheep on site and was followed by a demonstration of carding and spinning wool by some of the participants.  The monks were invited for their Sunday dinner in the guest house.
Fr. Roman PaurOn January 13th, Fr. Roman Paur, monk psychologist from St. John's Abbey and prior of a small monastery in Japan spent a week with us to lead some discussions on the strengths and concerns of the community.  By knowing better the talents and limitations of the present 10 members of the community, we can live better  the present and figure out our options.
A dozen seminarians from Huntington, Long Island were here for their retreat before the cold spell came upon us.

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