December 2006

CHritmas Creche 2006
On December 13th, Fr. Martin and Br. Thomas went to New York City for the oblates' meeting.  The mild weather allowed us to dig some trenches to improve the drainage system around the chapel and the Arts & Crafts building.  On the farm the sheep are separated in different groups for breeding and the rams have to be removed before Christmas.  This year, we had a trace of snow during the month and we ended up with a green Christmas.  Many feastdays occur at the end of the month: Br. Stephen, Br. John and Br. David.  On December 30th,  Br. James Cronen received the news of the death of his youngest  brother, Richard, who died of heart failure.

Happy New Year

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Fourth Annual Weekend Retreat for Knitters: Jan. 12-15, 2007
From ewe to you: retreat, recharge, renew, reflect and knit with others.
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