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September 2006

    In September, the feast of the Exultation of the Cross is an important celebration in Benedictine monasteries.  This year, it coincided with the arrival of Fr. James Kelly's book, "Why Christ".  He had completed the book a few days before his death on Easter Sunday.  We detect his experience as chaplain in colleges.  The book deals with a young man who becomes wise over the years and can teach younger people how to live the gospel message.  The book is sold at the Shop for $13.90  Click here for details.
    In the middle of the month , the New York City oblates came here for a week-end retreat and planted trees near St.Joseph's guest house in memory of Rogers Reinicke who was in charge of the group for many years. The picture shows the group during the blessing of the trees.
New York Oblates  
  Fr. Martin spent a few days in New York City for some rest after two months of extra priestly duties while Br. James Cronen was recuperating from his knee surgery.  On September 21, the development committee met to assess our financial conditon and to provide some pertinent suggestions.  On the 24th, we received Russell Baldwin as postulant.  In spite of many rainy days, we have a large apple crop that employs many hands to pick and sort many varieties.

Coming Events:

Buffalo Area: Our Video, The Everyday, will be shown on the PBS Station on Tuesday, Oct. 31st at 10 p.m.
and on Thursday, Nov. 2nd. at 4 a.m..                                                                                                    
Danube River Cruise, October 22-31 from Passau to Budapest for Friends of Mount Saviour. 
If you take the trip, you qualify as a Friend of Mount Saviour.  Air fare is free.  Call Diane Trevelier toll free 866-831-7769.

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