Mount Saviour Monastery

August 2006

DDay music

    On Aug. 13th, Dedication Day brought many friends from far away to show their appreciation for our existence and we use this day to thank them for their continual support and for support of past years.  After the brunch, Ellen Krajewski, cellist, her daughter, Evangeline Krajeswski, flutist, and Yvonne Mitchell, pianist, played a collection of short pieces that were highly appreciated by the crowd.  Two solemnities: the Transfiguration and the Assumption, have a special significance here because the name 'Mount Saviour' comes from the mountain of the Transfiguration.  On the feast of the Assumption, Bishop Clark consecrated our church.
    Some higher authorities of the Benedictine order suggested that we publicize more of our books, especially the Contribution of the Monastic Life to the Church and the World.  Also
Father Damasus and the Founding of Mount Saviour by the late Madeleva Roarke presents a good history of the events that made this place what it is.  Our video is an inspiring documentary on the life at Mount Saviour and its surrounding beauty. Click on the order form for more details.

Coming Events:
In the Albany area,
The Video "The Everyday" will be presented on PBS on Thursday, Sept.14th at 9:00 p.m. and on Sunday, Sept. 17th at 1:30 p.m.

October 6-9,
we will host the Emmaus Experience V. 
The theme will be ‘metanoia’ or ‘transformation’. 
The title: Then Our Eyes Were Opened: Stories of Transformation.

Danube River Cruise, October 22-31 from Passau to Budapest for Friends of Mount Saviour. 
If you take the trip, you qualify as a Friend of Mount Saviour.  Air fare is free.  Call Diane Trevelier toll free 866-831-7769.

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