Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2006

Sheep in the Shade
On July 3rd., Br. James Cronen had a knee surgery and and is recovering very well.  Fr. Martin had to officiate at mass during that period and we invited some guest priests to preside at the liturgy on certain days.  Br. Joseph spent 10 days in Frenchville, PA for a private retreat.  The month of July was very hot and humid and it was difficult to harvest.  The sheep found some shade on the side of the barn and the monks survived the heat wave with the help of fans.  On July 28th, a baby donkey (female) was born; it is a symbol of cheerfullnes and vitality.

Coming Events:
Dedication Day
will be Sunday, August 13 with Mass at 10 AM followed by a  brunch and music in the Chapter Room  around 12:30 PM.

October 6-9, we will host the Emmaus Experience V. 
The theme will be ‘metanoia’ or ‘transformation’. 
The title: Then Our Eyes Were Opened: Stories of Transformation.

Danube River Cruise, October 22-31 from Passau to Budapest for Friends of Mount Saviour. 
If you take the trip, you qualify as a Friend of Mount Saviour.  Air fare is free.  Call Diane Trevelier toll free 866-831-7769.

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