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January 2006
    Many group retreats were organized during the month of January .  On Jan. 7th,  a workshop on Centering prayer interested 95 participants.  Later during the month a week-end retreat devoted to centering prayer was scheduled as part of the series of retreats at the monastery.  Some local people gather in the crypt, every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. to practice this form of prayer.  Also, seminarians from Long Island and a group of knitters, mainly from New York City spent a few days here.
     The Community retreat conducted by
Abbot  Thomas Hillenbrand, osb, from Blue Cloud Abbey, began on Jan, 14th.  Abbot Thomas presented some steps to revive monastic values and to make the monastery "a vibrant spiritual place".  The Rule of St. Benedict has the power to change lives; monks of the past and lay people today can prove it.
    We are pleased to present some of the conferences of our 50th anniversary celebration and some relevant articles in a book edited by Fr. Martin and Dr. Anthony Cernera.  We apologize for the delay due to technical difficulties.  Our friends and those interested in monastic values will find much inspiration from these essays.

Book: The ContributionThe Contribution of Monastic Life
     to the Church and the World

by Fr. Martin Boler, osb

The meaning and Purpose of this Benedictine Moment
by Abbot Jerome Kodell, osb

Common Origins, 1922-1937 by Fr. Gottfried Burkhard Neunheuser

The Influence of Maria Laach on Mount Saviour Monastery
by Fr. Martin Boler, osb

The Art of Christian and Monastic Life
by Abbot Timothy Kelly, osb

Ways of Encounter by John T. Noonan, jr.

Simplicity: A Monastic and Christian Ideal
by Sr. Marie Julianne Farrington, s.s.m.n.

Benedictine Peace: A Meditation on Time
by Fr. Charles Dumont, o.c.s.o

An Oblate's Reflection by Dr. Anthony J. Cernera

Rumination on the Life of St. Benedict
by Bishop Frank  T. Griswold

A Voice for the Praying Church by Sr.  Mary Collins, osb

The Contribution of Monastic Life to the Church and to the World by Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, osb

Philosophy to Poetry: Faith as a Way of Knowing in John of the Cross and Edith Stein by Prof. David Burrell

Living the Gospel in Today's Unforgiving World by Sr. Camille D'Arienzo. r.s.m.

Available at Mount Saviour Shop for $19.95, (200 pages, hardcover).

Mount Saviour Series of retreats:
March 24-26: Prayers of Christ: Prayers of People in Scripture.
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