Mount Saviour Monastery

August 2005

Dedication Day 2005

On August 14th, We celebrated the Dedication Day with a mass and the refectory was full for the brunch.  Claire Smock prepared a lively piano recital with friends and children to entertain the crowd.  At the beginning of the month, two sessions on Centering Prayer were conducted by Deacon George Welch and Fr. Phil Billotte.  This month, the farm was busy weaning the lambs and selecting the replacement lambs and those for sale to farmers.  The dry season reduced their growth but we were grateful that the predators stayed away from the flock.  Occasionally, Fr. Martin and Br. Joseph make short trips to different dioceses to make the monastery known to vocations personnel to make our monastery known.  The VIDEO on the monastery is selling well and we received encouraging feedback.  The book, Monastic Contributions to Church and Society had to be reprinted and caused an extra delay.  Our Dedication Day
letter describes the content.

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