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Garden at Mount Saviour

May 2005
The month of May is full of activities in the garden with bees flying from flowering trees and people digging and planting.  The sheep requires 2 days of care to vaccinate the lambs twice and to shear the 170 mature sheep.  On shearing day ( May 28th),  two dozen volunteers and many children helped to make this task less stressful. 

We mailed our Dedication Day letter  to announce some coming events and to present "two new wonderful products": The long awaited book of lectures in celebration of Mount Saviour's 50th Anniversary, entitled Monastic Contributions to Church and Society.  The lectures, in the first part of the book, treat of the over-all contribution of Benedictines.  There are pages of photographs taken at Mount Saviour since our beginning and finally, lectures about Mount Saviour.  $19.95
Matthew Kells
who took part in our Summer Program a few years back, and Sean McGinn have produced an excellent film: The Everyday: Benedictine Life at Mount Saviour Monastery,  available on DVD or VHS. $22.95
You can order through the Shop by filling out the order form.

On the week-end of May 20th, some monks gave a series of conferences on "The Eucharist in our Lives".  Fr. Erman McMullin, professor at Notre Dame University spent the month here and gave us a talk on Galileo.

Coming Events:
The Third Damasus Winzen Lecture
will be given this year on Sunday, 12 June at 4 PM by Nathan Mitchell.
Week-End Retreat: June 24-25-26 on The Universal Love of Christ
Dedication Day will be Sunday, August 14 with Mass 10 AM followed by a light brunch and music in the Chapter Room around 12:30 PM.

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