Mount Saviour Monastery

October 2004
Portery at Mount Saviour Monastery
    On October 8th, some of the monks attended some conferences by Fr. Brian Daley at the Abbey of the Genesee.  Br. Joseph was able to stay for the whole series.  At the same time, many friends of the monastery gathered here for the Third Emmaus Experience.  This month, many guests volunteered their expertise to help us:  Barbara Reiter and Claire Johnson brought their sewing machine to repair some clothing.  Rev. Andy Armstrong and some skilled men from his congregation spent a few days for "mission work" pertaining to electricity or carpentry.  Joe Manzi and his group from Long Island offered helpful services. Br. Gereon Reuter, osb spent a week with us after retiring from many years of teaching sciences at Newark Abbey.
    The garden yelded a ton of organic produce.  Part of the 10,000 pounds of apples became 400 gallons of cider.

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Monthly meeting of the Friends of Mount Saviour.
December 5th: Advent Reading: Raymond Brown, "An Adult Christ at Christmas.
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