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August 2004


On the first of August, Fr. Donald Raila osb, from St. Vincent's Abbey gave a violon recital during a brief stop on his way to visit his family.  After we celebrated the solemnity of the Transfiguration, Br. James Cronen went to the hospital for a knee surgery.  He was back home within a week and was active by the end of the month.  On August 8th, the family of Jeanne Lawless, a faithful volunteer was here to celebrate her 80th anniversary. 

On Aug. 15th, approximately 200 persons attended our Dedication Day celebration.  Clare Gonta and her friends performed various pieces of music.  A few days later, retired Abbot Leo Ryska spent a few days with us.  On Aug. 28th, Dr. Anthony Ciccariello arranged a seminar on Understanding Violence in the Bible.

Dedication Day 2004

Coming Events:

The Emmaus Experience III will be taking place at Mt. Saviour on Oct. 8,9,10,11, 2004.  The Gathered Community will explore together, through presentations, group discussion, community prayer and table fellowship, the Transfiguration scripture as written in Luke 9: 28-43. Participants will seek to understand the meaning of this Scripture today and ways in which they can live out the challenge of this Gospel together.
  For more information, see the special page or contact Pat Ladley: or 607-734-9690.

Where May Sheep Safely Graze in this Present World
Second Annual Weekend Retreat for Knitters at Mount Saviour Monastery
January 14-17, 2005.  See the information page.

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