Mount Saviour Monastry

May 2004

    On May 22nd., We celebrated the 50th anniversary of Br. James Cronen's ordination with his family: his three brothers and many nephews and nieces with their children.  Br. James entered St. Pauls' Abbey, New Jersey in 1947 and made his solemn profession in 1951.  He was ordained on the 29th of May, 1954 after studying in Rome.  He moved to Mount Saviour Monastery in September 1966 and fulfilled many functions including novice master,herdsman, shepherd and guest master. "Ad multos annos!"
Br. James C. & brothers
Robert, Richard, John and  Fr. James Cronen

    On May 29th, a large crowd witnessed the annual shearing of the sheep.  An article in the local newspaper advertized the event and many families stopped by  to see the two professional shearers at work.  Many volunteers helped on that occasion to vaccinate the lambs and handle the sheep.

Coming Events:

The Second Damasus Winzen Memorial Lecture will be given by Fr. Gerard Sloyan, Sunday June 26 at 4 PM in St Joseph’s Guest House.  Fr. Sloyan is an outstanding teacher, the author of many theological books and articles on Christology and Liturgy.  He was a student of Fr. Damasus and they labored together in the Liturgical Movement before the founding of Mt. Saviour.

Dedication Day this year will be Sunday, August 15th.   Mass at 10 AM will be followed by a Brunch and music.

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