Mount Saviour Monastery

April 2004

Easter (Mount Saviour Monastry)

During Holy Week, the lambing season began as we were celebration the Pascal Triduum.  New born lambs and the birth of a donkey were a distraction and an inspiration to the many visitors who joined us for the liturgy.  Many families bring their children to see the courage of new born lambs and the dedication of their mothers.  We received touching testimonials regarding the liturgy and our work .  We try to be good stewards of God's creation.  During the three weeks of lambing, 123 ewes gave birth to 228 lambs.  

Mingo jr. (the daddy), Jenny (the mother) and one month old, Friday
Coming Events:
Shearing Day: Saturday May 29th.  Mass and Lauds at 7:00 a.m.

The Second Damasus Winzen Memorial Lecture will be given by Fr. Gerard Sloyan, Sunday June 26 at 4 PM in St Joseph’s Guest House.  Fr. Sloyan is an outstanding teacher, the author of many theological books and articles on Christology and Liturgy.  He was a student of Fr. Damasus and they labored together in the Liturgical Movement before the founding of Mt. Saviour.

Dedication Day this year will be Sunday, August 15th.   Mass at 10 AM will be followed by a Brunch and music.

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