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January 2004
Mount Saviour Chapel 2004

We had our annual retreat from Jan. 3rd. to the 7th.  Fr. Justin Matro, osb,  from St. Vincent's Archabbey commented on the icon of the Transfiguration by Roublev and  the painting of the crucifixion by Grunewald.  On Jan. 11th, the monks were invited at the ladies' guesthouse for a "high tea" by Maureen Cadley.  We are grateful that the furnaces kept running properly during this cold month of abundant snow.

Emmaus Experience II:
From Jan. 16 through the 19th., thirty-three persons gathered at Mt. Saviour Monastery to take the Emmaus Walk...a journey with Luke 24: 13-35.  Together, participants explored this Scripture through the eyes of several presenters, including Tony Bartlett of the Syracuse-based Wood Hath Hope Community, Mary Skinner of Elmira, and Dan and Gail Mandell of South Bend, Indiana.  Jon Scouten of Rochester and Pat Ladley of Elmira rounded out the roster of presenters who challenged the gathered community to reflect anew on the meaning of the Emmaus story in Luke 24: 13-35.  Through small and large group discussions, communal and private prayer, table fellowship and shared chores, participants sought to discover ways in which they could live out the challenge of this Gospel.  The Experience concluded on Monday morning with time to reflect on these questions:
    What have I learned on this Emmaus Walk?
    What am I willing to do about it?
"Newspaper headlines" generated by each triad of persons proclaimed the good news of choices made by  each one to respond to the energizing of the Spirit on this cold winter  weekend.  It was overwhelmingly agreed to continue the Emmaus Gathering.  In the words of two participants,: "The Communal aspect  was a great model for the Christian life" and "The overall value is the sense of community  in a Christian setting and in Christian language."

The next  Emmaus Experience (III) will take place at Mt. Saviour Monastery on October 8,9,10,11, 2004.  Participants in Emmaus I and II, as well as others who may be interested, are welcome to the Fall Gathering.  Contact Pat Ladley  ( ) / 607-734-9690 if you wish to be notified about the Emmaus III Experience.
Pat Ladley

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