Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2003

Creche 2003

This year, we were blessed with two novices: Br. Adelard who designed the creche and Br. Joseph who uses his knowledge at landscaping.  On the first of December, Br. Bruno went off the road because of icy conditions; his body was spared but the body of the car was badly damaged.  Fr. Martin was in New York City on Dec. 11th for the oblates' meeting.  Our local physicians are recommending some caution for the kiss of peace and the use of the chalice by the congregation because of the seriousness of the flu.  On Christmas Day, we served a festive turkey dinner for all our guests in the refectory.  A group of the Servants of the Word from Michigan spent some days of retreat and shared their skills on several projects.
    Br. Pierre
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