Mount Saviour Monastery

July 2003
At the beginning of the month, a week long experience on small communities, entitled Emmaus Experience, was led by Dan Mandell from St. Mary's University, South Bend IN.  Some feedback can be found on his web page .  The community was able to meet all the participants during the 4th of July picnic in the Rose Garden.  On July 13th, we heard the news of the death of Paul Trevelier who joined the tours sponsored by the monastery and organized by his wife.  Br. Elias from New Skete Monastery spent the month with us; just before his departure, he hit a bear on the road to Elmira.  On July 21st. a storm caused power outage to thousands of people in our area and it took 51 hours to restore our electricity.  We were able to generate some power to the main building until our generator failed.  It was reactivated to supply enough power for the freezers and refrigerators.  On July 25th, Br. Luke was hospitalized with pneumonia and died the nest day.

Br. Luke Pape: R.I.P.
Br. Luke Pape, osb James Durkin Pape (Brother Luke), monk of Mount Saviour Monastery, died peacefully on 26 July the age of 93. Surviving him are his brother monks of Mount Saviour and his sisters, Mrs. Mary Mahood, Mrs. Margaret Morgan and Ms. Joan Pape all residing in Toronto, and a number of nephews, nieces and their children.

Born the first child of Augustine and Angela Pape on 1 February 1910 in Toronto, he attended Catholic Schools there. He studied fine and applied art and interior design at the Ontario College of Art and the New York School of Fine and Applied Art. He was a member of the Boris Volkoff Ballet Group from 1936 to 1942. In 1936 this group represented Canada at the International Tanzwettsppiele at the Berlin Summer Olympics. Br. Luke performed with the company and also designed several of the sets and costumes. He also served on the Canadian Ballet Festival Committee from 1949 until 1952. At the same time he was employed in the Interior Decorating Department of Eaton Company of Toronto.

In 1942, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps and served overseas with the Third Canadian General Military Hospital in England, Italy, Belgium and Holland. Before being returned to Canada in March of 1946, he was a full time student at the Central School of Art, London England, in the Canadian Army Khaki College program.

In October 1952, he joined Mount Saviour Monastery and made his Solemn Profession on 8 September 1957. During his life in the monastery he served in many different offices. Taking an interest in Chemung County cultural organizations, he became an active member of the Elmira Art Club and the Southern Tier Rose Society. One of the first exhibits of the Rose Society was held at Mount Saviour.

For years, Br. Luke was in charge of the Religious Art and Book Store. He worked from the front desk and so was the first monk people met when they visited the monastery. He gave the first and lasting impression of the community and our life. It was one of his many gifts to us and to the guests and visitors that can hardly be replaced.

On Thursday, July 31st., his sister Joan Pape attended the funeral mass with some nephews and nieces.  Many friends from far away came to pay tribute to the monk who greeted visitors for more than 40 years.  May he rest in peace.

Dedication Day:
Sunday, Aug. 17th:  
Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a light brunch and music.

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