Mount Saviour Monastery

June 2003

We mailed our Dedication Day letter at the beginning of the month.  On June 5th, we used our new choir books that were prepared by Br. Bruno and Br. Christopher.  We acquired new binders and reprinted the psalms with some modifications.  The rainy season was favorable for the garden but the hay harvest had to wait until the last day of June.  On June 25th, Br. Elias from New Skete arrived to spend a few weeks.  On June 27th, we had a memorial mass and the interment of Fr. Matthew Regan who was a monk of Mount Saviour in the 1960s; he moved to St. Anselm's, Washington DC where he was ordained priest.  Lately, he was working for Food for the Poor.  His family and Fr. Hilary Hayden from St.Anselm's Abbey were here for the ceremony.

The liturgical calendar brings us many feats, this month: Pentecost, Holy Trinity, Body and Blood of Christ, St. John the Baptist, Sacred Heart and St. Peter and Paul.  Because of his asceticism, St. John the Baptist appealed more to monks throughout the centuries.  Musicians found an interesting hymn that uses each note of the scale for each line of the first verse.
Composed by Paul, the deacon,
 monk of Monte Cassino, IX Cent.

Ut  (=DO) queant laxis
REsonare fibris
MIra gestorum
FAmuli tuorum,
SOLve polluti
LAbii reatum,
Sancte Joannes (=SI)
May we your servants
Sing with voice uplifted
of all the wonders
in your life so holy.
Your intercession,
O St. John, will clense us,
Our lips shall praise you

Dedication Day:
Sunday, Aug. 17th:  
Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a light brunch and music.

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