Mount Saviour Monastery

May 2003

    Many portraits have been printed of Mary, by many artists, each painting her according to his own idea.  There can, however, be only one true likeness of her;: namely, a copy of her character is shown forth in the Gospels, the account of which forms a portrait drawn, if we venture to say so, by the Holy Spirit Himself.  And what is the character set thus before us in Scripture?  It is neither Mary's high intercourse with God nor her great and special graces, nor her power.  All these are kept in the background.  What is brought before us is simply her ordinary every-day virtues that she may be a model for daily familiar use.  Now, the essence of Mary's character as thus displayed, is her modesty and self-restraint.  She never thinks of showing herself, though she was doubtless beautiful; nor of decking herself,  though young; nor of exalting herself, though noble; nor of enriching herself, though poor.
    Thoughtful and prudent, modest, self-restrained, humble and unselfish is this Mary of whom I repeat that we can never be her clients if we are not her followers

  J.B. Bossuet (1627-1704)

Madonna & Child
Madonna & Child
Mount Saviour Collection
The season is easily busy  with planting in the garden, landscaping and routine work with the sheep: vaccinating the lambs and shearing the ewes and rams.  Many guests and visitors come to see the sheep being shorn by two professionals (one from Pennsylvania and one from New Zealand).  We had rain on that day but we had brought the animals in the barn, the day before.  The farm is earning some extra income by selling stones from the fields or old stone fences.  We sent our Dedication Day Letter to the printer and will be mailed in June.

Dedication Day:
Sunday, Aug. 17th:  
Mass at 10:00 a.m. followed by a light brunch and music.

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