Mount Saviour Monastery

January 2003

For just as from the heavens
           the rain and snow come down
           And do not return there
           till they have watered the earth,
           making it fertile and fruitful,
           Giving seed to him who sows
           and bread to him who eats,

                                                        Isaiah 55:10

Sunrise & Barn

Matthew Kells and Crew So far, we witnessed the longest  winter with  snow on the ground.  Three months of the white stuff may inspire some to be "clean like snow" but it makes some wish they were in warmer climate area.  Because of a heavy snow fall, we began our annual retreat  with candles because of a 13 hour outage.   Abbot  Timothy Kelly, from St. John's Collegeville, president of the American-Cassinese congregation, commented on the book of Genesis.   Fr. Martin shares his notes below.  On January 23rd., Matthew Kells (right), who was a Summer Student in 1993, spent a few days with a crew: Chris Ward (sound specialist), Sreal Boruchin (cameraman) and Sean Mc Ginn (cameraman),   to prepare a video tape on the life at Mount Saviour.  He was here on several occasions to tape various activities over the past couple years to produce a documentary.  He hopes to have the project completed for the summer .  Br. John Thompson gathered some information for the benefit of those who are discerning their monastic vocation .  Some principles, expectations and requirements are presented to those who want to know the process of becoming a monk .

Retreat 2003                              

Abbot Timothy Kelly, osb In the recent Retreat, Abbot Timothy emphasized that the Image and likeness of God in us is our humanity united.  Not this brother alone or that brother alone.  We need, as humans, to learn what it means to be in the image and likeness of God and manifest it to others - the community, guests, helpers, etc.  We are interdependent.  So the image and likeness of God in us within the monastic community is not independent of others both inside & outside the community.

The limitations we have, God can expand but we can’t.  Desire for what we do not have tells us we are unhappy -suffering results and stands in the way of our happiness and other people limit us.  Yet many ‘limited’ and limiting people are necessary -even to put food on the table - so we need others and we will have to give something of ourselves & we can’t use suffering as an escape.  Death, of course, is the ultimate limitation.

We need to wrestle with God to be rid of our selfish desires so we can be for God and not just for the advantages to us since God makes us live in his presence.
Remember the conference on John 6 how the people see Jesus as good for them - which was not his plan.  Our God is very demanding and our age wants God at our service!  The book, Report to Greco by Kazantzakis which is about the hermit monk whose life had disintegrated and was hanging between heaven & earth -what shall I do? Patience not haste.  Wait for the sour grape to turn to honey. Then the world will seem to have changed but it is you - surrender to God then or you will never learn.
The disciples coming to learn what it means to follow Xt.  His relationship with them & the Father - it will cost them their lives. Salvation has to ripen in our lives  
And we must allow or invite Jesus into our boat.  The best example of personal cost -what sacrifice really is - parents raising children.  Xt asked those he fed in the desert to live like him - to change their lives and they said: “NO”. We have to understand what the Eucharist is - His life enters me & I enter His life. What the sacraments accomplish is the one-ness in the life of the Trinity to make us one -all of us…including our irritation with each other & our working out of our salvation. The last discourse in John - Made in the image & likeness of God, we lost the unity -but a new creation & new union of humanity in God.  We are the exact image of the invisible Xt as he made the invisible God visible. Xt’s prayer that they may be one as we are one and that you loved them as you loved me. A growing thing - from the inside of human beings. Faithfulness is our call & to the trial of living together & our days extended so we can do this. The principal means:  Lectio: pray always since it is the Teacher who holds us together:.  Hospitality: =recognize something common in all of us: Reverence.  Special importance of Chapters 67- 73 of RB.

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