Carving: Our Lady of Guadeloupe Mount Saviour Monastery

December 2002

On Sunday, December 1st. , our water main broke behind the monastery.  A pool of water froze to give us an unexpected skating rink.  Fortunately, the investment of placing extra valves in the system allowed us to save our reserve of water.   In the evening, Br. Francis from Christ in the Desert unveiled hiss carving of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.  The picture shows Br. Luke, Br. Gabriel, Fr. Martin and Br. Francis in front of the carving.  Br. Jude and Br. Francis returned to their monastery on December 3rd.  On the week-end of December 7th, a group of students from the Rochester Institute of Technology had their retreat.  The hearing impaired were able to participate with sign language.  On December 11th, Fr. Martin was in New York City for the Oblates' meeting.  On December 22nd., we received Ty Jacobs as postulant.  More candidates are due in the new year.

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