Mount Saviour Monastery
November 2002

A Prayer for Vocations

Mary, Queen of Peace
May we be made worthy
Of the promises of Christ,
May new members join our
School of the Lord's Service
Here at Mount Saviour.

May they learn to live as brothers,
Striving for that peace
The world cannot give.

May they listen to the voice of
The Lord calling them, preferring
Nothing  to the love of Christ

Remembering the past
                Assuring the future

November is a month to remember our beloved departed.  It is a time to remember the past with the celebration of Thanksgiving day.  We replaced a plaque on our stone house to remember the pioneers who settled on this property.  We kept in touch with the Hofbauer family members who were most helpful in our first years of existence.  Their experience and wisdom to work the land were most appreciated.  During the month, we mailed to our oblates a card of Our Lady Queen of Peace with a prayer for vocations on the reverse side.  It is a way to share our concerns for the future.  Br. Jude & Francis Our two visiting monks from Christ in the Desert, Br. Jude and Br. Francis will return home in December.  Br. Jude shared his skills in the kitchen and with computers.  Br. Francis devoted some time with art works and many duties.  They were a great help to Br. John who had an abundant crop in our organic garden and orchard.

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