Mount Saviour Monastery

October 2002

Br. Sebastian's Burial:
On October 2nd. we had the funeral mass for Br. Sebastian.  Since he enjoyed relating his wartime stories, we displayed his medals on a cushion designed by Br. Stephen.  Two of our former monks who had worked with him in the business office died:  on  October 17th, John McGowan (Fr. Augustine) had a massive heart attack and, on the next day, Br. Christopher Gardner, a regular oblate of Christ in the Desert, died at 87 years of age.
Burial (Br. Sebastian)

A new carpet was installed in the men's guesthouse to help maintain a quiet atmosphere.  Fr. Martin went to Nebraska with his brother and a cousin to celebrate the 90th anniversary of their aunt Kathleen.  The month of October has many feast days that we celebrate with refreshments: Br. Bruno and Br. Luke   and the  two visiting monks from Christ in the Desert: Br. Francis and Br. Jude.  Our oblates will be contacted to join us in praying for vocations.  We receive some "observers" who are discerning their vocation.

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