Mount Saviour Monastery

May 2002

The mailing of the Dedication Day   letter was delayed because the machine we borrow to transfer more than 8,000labels broke down.  Thanks to many guests, we organized a "corvée" (= bee)to do the work by hand.  It was suggested that we acquire a printer to printthe addresses and so avoid the labels in the future.  Every month, Fr. James Kelly  is assigned to preach in a parish for the organisation Food for the Poor.  It is away to help a good cause and to make the monastery known outside our area.  Our shearing day drew a large crowd and, with the cooperation of many helpers and the sheep themselves, 174 animals were processed in 4 hours with 2 shearers.

Abbot Primate  Visit of the Abbot Primate:
On May 15th, Abbot Primate Notker Wolf paid an overnight visit and talked to the community.  His dynamism and experience was enriching and we could dialogue on monastic life as seen around the world.  Mount Saviour is among half a dozen monasteries under hisjurisdiction.  The photo shows the Abbot Primate on his departure, with Br. Bruno and Fr. Martin

Coming Events:

We are happy to announce an Adult Study Week from Sunday Vespers16 June through None on Thursday 20 June, 2002.  Fr. James KellyOSB, who has a Doctorate in Sacred Scripture, will lead the groupon a JourneyThrough the Scriptures.  Cost is $250 including room& board.

Dedication Day this year will be Sunday 18 August with Massat 10 AM with a light brunch and music afterward.

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