Mount Saviour Monastery

April 2002
Chapel during Eastertide

The Easter season brought new life in the liturgy in spite of the manydistractions and negative news from the media.  The psalms have consolinglines in times of war or distress.  Our hope of a peaceful world doesnot diminish because God is with us on the our journey towards a betterworld.  He makes himself manifest in subtle ways.  The repairwork in the refectory started on April 1st. to solidify the walls and replacethe large windows.  Three days later, the septic system needed majorrepair.  On April 8th, Br. Hugh Lester from St. Vincent's Archabbeyspent a few days of retreat.  On April 20th, Abbot Philip ofChrist in the Desert shared some information regarding the monastic worldand the evolution of his community.  OnSunday, April 28th, Br.Pierre participated in an interfaith concertto benefit the CampusMinistry of the the Corning Community College. We just sent our annualDedicationDay letter tothe printer to be mailed in May.

Sheep 2002 Lambing:
The mild winter favored our sheep.  In 20 days, 120 ewes gavebirth to 210 healthy lambs.  We are grateful for an exceptionallyeasy operation with cooperative animals and ideal weather.  With somelambs arriving earlier than expected, one of the donkeys got a bit tooexcited around the new lambs and killed three.  Fortunately, the predatorsare staying away, this year.

Coming Events:
Shearing Day: May 25th.  Mass will be combined with Laudsat 7:00 a.m.  Shearing will begin at 8:30 a.m.

We are happy to announce an Adult Study Week from Sunday Vespers16 June through None on Thursday 20 June, 2002.  Fr. JamesKellyOSB, who has a Doctorate in Sacred Scripture, will lead the groupon a JourneyThrough the Scriptures.  Cost is $250 including room& board.

Dedication Day this year will be Sunday 18 August with Massat 10 AM with a light brunch and music afterward.

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