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Mount Saviour Chapel & Sunrise

January 2002

    So far the winter was not too harsh on us; we did not get 7 feet of snow like Buffalo.  The worst storm gave us 7 inches of light snow.  We are blessed with beautiful sunrise during these months of grey weather and withered vegetation. On Sunday, Jan. 6th, we were invited at St. Gertrude's guest house by Maureen Cadley  for high tea.  She knows well how to present that British custom. Fr. Alexis Foyo, osb returned to his monastery, Prince of Peace in Oceanside, CA.  While here, he helped with priestly duties, painted icons and did chores that the community shares.  He was greatly appreciated for taking part in the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella with the friends of the monastery.  The Abbot of St. Meinrad was due to give us our annual retreat.  He had to cancel after the unexpected death of one of his monks.  We took some days for community discussions to review our values and practice of the principles handed down by our founders.  Abbot John-Eudes Bamberger, ocso from Our Lady of the Genesee Abbey, who retired recently, accepted to give us a few conferences:  Our call to perfection is found in the scriptures and its practice is in the Beatitudes. Love is the highest command.  Love is a power that leads to a happy life.  When we are loved, we are energized.  For S. John, life is spiritual light.  Only God is better than life. Joy is the fruit of love and fulfilment.  We rejoice always because the Lord is near.  Joy is an experience of a happy life.  All Christians are called to a process of transformation as we long to be face to face with our God.
    On January 29th, Fr. Martin went to New Orleans for the annual meeting of the Benedictine superiors.

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