Mount Saviour Monastery


December 2001

Robert Ivers Closes the Series of Lecture:
    On Sunday December 9th, our oblate, Robert Ivers, gave a slide presentation on monastic art and architecture.  He linked his talk with the notion of simplicity and hospitality that characterize Mount Saviour in its new buildings.  He showed different types of monasteries where those two themes are in evidence.  He had many illustrations of the church at Ronchamp by Le Corbusier.  Modern architecture and simplicity was obvious.  When he showed the design of his house, we could recognize the influence of Mount Saviour in some details.

Bob Ivers
Dr. Vincent Sementilli,  Mrs.  Joseph Nasser,
Bob Ivers and his wife and  Mrs. Sementilli

    At the beginning of the month, we sent our Christmas Chronicle to the printer and published an internet edition in color.  On December 12th, Fr. Martin went to New York City for an oblate meeting.  We deplore the death of Fred Fuller who has been a generous supporter of the monastery with his sister Elizabeth for many years.  We thank Julianna Calderone for preparing our Crêche.  For the last Sunday of the year (Holy Family), we were invited for the blessing of the Cerneras' house, located on a hill across the monastery. Dr. Anthony Cernera with his wife and 4 children,  had an active participation in this meaningful ceremony.  We thank all those who supported us thoughout the year.  Your contribution was used to pave the road to St. Gertrude's and the parking lot, the renovation at St. Gertrude's and the care of our elderly monks.

Happy New Year

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