Dr. Anthony CerneraMount Saviour Monastery

November 2001

Lecture by Dr. Anthony Cernera:
On Sunday, November 11th, feast day of our prior, the president of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield CT, gave a lecture on the influence of monasticism in his life.  Although he was educated by the Jesuits, he has been fond of our Benedictine life for many years.  He even built a home near the monastery to retreat with his family.  The picture shows him with his wife, Ruth, and Br. Gabriel.

Sr. Camille D'ArienzoSr. Camille D'Arienzo talks on
'The Challenge of Living the Gospel in an Unforgiving World':
On Sunday, November 18, the president of the Mercy sisters of Brooklyn shared her experience of social concerns with us.  She has visited the monastery many times and could say: "For many of us Mount Saviour Monastery has been a treasure weve been impelled to share with others.  My guess is that most, if not all, have told others about this holy mountain and have invited them to see for themselves what we cherish and to find for themselves what they need."  She is the spiritual director of a death row inmate.  The question period was directed to the death penalty and the part we can play to eradicate this form of punishment.  She challenged the audience in her conclusion: "Finally, I believe in a just and merciful God, a God who punishes and forgives, but never hates.  Its in this manner that we are challenged to love God and our neighbor. And then, only then, will our own wounds be healed."

Cider PressThanksgiving Day:
This commemoration is very important in this country.  We have the traditional dinner with all the guests and some neighbors.  For Catholics and especially monks, thanksgiving is a daily occurrence with the Eucharist (from a Greek word for thanksgiving).  We have been blessed with mild weather and an abundant harvest from the garden. Br. John, shown in the picture with Fr. Martin for the blessing of the cider press, delivered to the kitchen more than $4,000 worth of vegetables and fruits.  He also froze 355 gallons of apple cider to use during the year.  Most of  the pulp after the pressing operation was fed to the donkeys and the sheep for extra energy.

Coming events:
Sunday, December 9th at 4:30pm, Robert Ivers.  Before his retirement, he served as Director of Corporate Communications Administration and Design for Corning Incorporated. He has been a consultant to the National Endowment for the Arts and in 1987, received a Fulbright grant to consult for the British Government to evaluate design management initiatives in British business schools. His work as a painter has been shown in regional museums and galleries and is in private collections throughout the country.  His talk, accompanied with slides, will focus on art and architecture in the Benedictine tradition.
Monday, Dec. 24th at 6:30p.m.
Solemn Vespers of Christmas Eve followed by the blessing of the Crèche

Merry Christmas

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